Aga and Rayburn service

We are Aga service and repair specialists. Please see a selection of the services we offer below. To book an appointment, either call 01635 550749 or contact us.

We can help with the installation or removal of your Aga Range. We are Gas Safe and Oftec registered and so can work on Oil, Gas or Electric Agas.

If your Aga is out and wont relight, wont stay alight or is up in temperature or down in temperature we can help. Click here to contact us, type in what sort of Aga you have and what your problem is and we will get back to you the same day with advice and help.

If your Aga is looking a bit tired we can help sprucing your Aga up with advice on re-enamelling and refurbishment. We can also help if it is a complete renovation that you want or just a new hand rail!

Aga Gas Service: every 12 months

  • Inspect main burner
  • Check and replace thermo couple
  • Soundness test
  • Check for adequate ventilation
  • Check burner pressure
  • Check ignition
  • Spillage test
  • Leak test
  • Check flue terminal
  • Parts:Thermo couple

Aga Oil Service: every 6 months

  • Clean and decarbonise burner
  • Inspect shells on burner
  • Renew wicks
  • Check flueways (where applicable)
  • Check controls for operation
  • Check oil feed pipe condition
  • Check burner levels
  • Check for clean combustion
  • Check if fire valve fitted
  • Parts: Wicks


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We are independent Aga service and refurbishment and repair specialists. Who can help your Aga or Rayburn run smoothly with our regular visits.