Electric aga repairs

Electric Aga service maintenance and breakdown

The electric Aga while offering the same cooking experience as other Aga fuel types is a different appliance when it comes to service and maintenance. To book a service please click here.

There are two types of electric Aga.


The original Night storage 30 amp electric Aga was introduced 20 years ago and sold well when initially introduced due to the ability to use off peak electricity and also due the fact it did not use a conventional flue. The original 30 amp Aga used only an oven vent, which mean that it was more flexible in its placement but also it meant that it did not require the cost of a conventional flue.

One other apparent attraction at the time was that it was assumed no maintenance was necessary. This was not the case and the cooker proved to be maintenance heavy, which was also proved relatively costly.

The elements on this model were initially wired in serial, which meant that if one failed the cooker went off. This was changed with later updates but many other components such as the PCB, controller, oven vent fans, circulating fans, triac and wiring all proved to require regular updates and maintenance.


As the appliance sold in relatively small numbers compared to its oil and gas counterparts there are very few electric Aga engineers who can work on these appliance. We can offer service and maintenance on these models to allow you peace of mind and a comprehensive back up service to ensure you electric 30 amp night storage Aga is there when you need it.

Dismantle relocation and installation of electric Aga cookers

As well as general maintenance we also can offer dismantle and relocation service should you require this. Please give us a call should you wish to discuss this.

13 AMP ELECTRIC AGA (low maintenance, extended vent including aims)

The 13 amp electric Aga has been introduced in the last few years and has proved to be a very successful model. It now makes up a high percentage of new Aga sales. This is due to its low maintenance and relative ease of installation. As with the original electric Aga the new 13-amp cooker does not need a flue. In addition it also does not require the more expensive installation of 30-amp supply for the appliance using the more common 13-amp supply.

The 13 amp electric Aga has been recently updated with the addition of the AIMS system. Relatively straightforward in principal it reduces the electrical supply to the Aga in periods (such as overnight when the Aga is not used) to improve the overall economy of the cooker by substantial margin.

Similar in principal to a timer for a central heating boiler it can also be programmed for individual days. This addition certainly helps the Aga owner conscience in this ever increasing days of awareness to economy and ever increasing fuel bills.


Due to this models recent introduction there are few engineers trained and able to work on this appliance. Most Aga engineers are oil and gas engineers not electric. Thankfully we can offer a complete service as we deal with all fuels and the electric Aga is one of our specialities. Although one hopes a new 13 amp electric Aga will not require maintenance should the unthinkable happen we are there to get you back up and running quickly and efficiently.


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