Smoked Mackerel & Rocket Tart

Smoked Mackerel & Rocket Tart
Smoked Mackerel & Rocket Tart
  • 1 x Packet ready-made short crust pastry


  • 2 tbsp olive oil
  • 3-4 smoked mackerel fillets
  • handful of rocket leaves
  • one onion finely sliced
  • 225g (8 oz) cheddar cheese – grated
  • 4 eggs
  • 600ml (8-12 floz) double cream
  • Salt and pepper

Roll out the pastry to fit an 11” loose-bottomed flan dish. Chill well in the fridge, this will stop any ‘shrinkage’ during cooking.

Heat the oil in a large, non-stick frying pan and cook the onion until soft (use the floor of the roasting oven if you can). Add the garlic near the end and allow the mixture to cool. Spoon the cool, softened onions into the pastry case, flake over the mackerel, add the rocket, then sprinkle over the cheese.

Beat the eggs gently before adding the cream and seasoning, then pour the mixture into the tart case. Slide the tart tin directly onto the floor of the Roasting oven with the cold plain shelf on the runners above. Cook for about 30 – 40 mins, until pastry is brown and the filling is set.

This tart is very moorish and makes a great dish for lunches and buffets. For something a bit more special invest in some small loose-bottomed tart tins and make individual ones for a dinner party starter.

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