Reconditioned Agas

Reconditioned Aga's
Reconditioned Aga’s

The first rule of purchasing a second hand or reconditioned Agas is to make sure you know what you are getting, there is a huge variation in what people consider a second hand Aga…

Some second hand Aga’s are made up of several different old Aga’s and as a rule this is not good news..

All of our second hand Aga’s are dismantled by our trained engineers, we then check them for any operational issues and replace any parts necessary (with Aga authorised parts).

All of our second hand Aga’s come with a one year parts and labour warranty. We then offer the Aga in two Conditions.


This is a second hand Aga which has been completely refurbished, it has new lids and the top plate and front plate have been either re-enamelled or replaced. The Aga arrives with you looking as good as new, but at a much more affordable price…


This is a second hand Aga which has had its mechanical integrity checked and is in full working order. However cosmetically it may have some imperfections.

We have varied and ever changing stock of second hand Aga’s please give us a call to find out if we have the Aga you have been looking for …

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