Unique Appliances

Kitchenaid launched a whole range of Major domestic appliances in 1986.. and are now taking the UK market by storm with their encompassing technology and design.

Kitchenaid offer a fantastic range of built in appliances, they have a huge variety of ovens, hobs, refrigeration and dishwashers.

Kitchenaid have some incredible and unique products including the Dual Fuel Step hob, the in-sink dishwasher and the speed oven to name but a few.

The Step Hob represents the essence of the hob range, it is the result of an innovative hob concept that offers a unique combination of control & power, adding the precision of two induction zones to the efficiency of 3 professional gas burners of over 4kw each.

The In-Sink Dishwasher is a great example of KitchenAid’s innovation and complete attention to cooks’ needs. This ingenious product was designed to give you dishwashing support whilst you’re cooking. In-Sink is also extremely flexible: if you need more sink space simply remove the rack and it becomes a normal double sink. Alternatively, just close the sink lid for more counter space.

The Speed oven has Multi-Flow Technology which has a powerful fan from the back and 80 outlets which draw air into the cavity to guarantee a constant and even distribution of heat throughout the oven. It has 4 cooking functions combined with microwaves. Combination of microwaves and traditional cooking functions to fasten and improve the performances of the traditional oven.

The speed oven has 16 professional, 4 special & 6 traditional cooking functions


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